PerfectRags: Available Kittens

Kittens are now available! Various colors and patterns: seal and blue points, flame, tortie and lynx points in color point, mitted and bicolor patterns. Please contact us if you're looking for a particular color or gender to be added to our Waiting List.

Our kittens have tons of purrsonality, plush fluffy coats and beautiful blue eyes that will melt your heart. They are very social, well adjusted, generally soft spoken and have puppy-like purrsonalities and will follow you everywhere. They love their humans and make very devoted and intelligent companions.

All our kittens handled and loved from the day they are born, and socialized with adults, children, other cats and dogs.

Ragdolls come in three patterns: colorpoint, mitted and bicolor.

Colorpoint kittens have dark face, ears, legs and tail with no white pattern - a classic purebred cat look.

Mitted kittens have white mittens on the front and boots on the back legs. They might have a blaze on their faces or might not. A blaze is a thin white stripe down the nose of a mitted kitten.

Bicolor kittens have a full white mask on the face with a cute pink nose and a white inverted "V" on the forehead, as well as white legs and belly.

All our kittens have vivid blue eyes. Please keep in mind that the flash on the pictures can make the eye color look duller or washed out than they are in real life

Deposits are accepted to reserve a kitten of your choice until he is ready to leave his mother. Deposit is usually a $200 check that you mail to us or bring in person. All deposits are NON REFUNDABLE, but in some cases may be applied to a kitten from a different litter at our consideration.

Please contact us with the description of a kitten (or two:-) you're looking for, and we'll get back in a timely manner. We have pet, show and breeder quality kittens available at this time.

Kittens are priced starting at $600 as a pet. The price depends on the color, pattern and quality of the kitten. We prefer to place most of our kittens in pet homes where they can have a pampered and happy life of a pet in the center of their new family where Ragdolls thrive. All pet kittens are sold with a spay/neuter agreement, and must be altered before they turn 6 month of age. TICA registration will be mailed to you after we receive the proof from your vet that the kitten was altered.

Show quality kittens will be sold with TICA registration that includes show rights. Show quality kittens are marked perfectly, have good eye color and coat, bone structure and are otherwise up to TICA Ragdoll standard. They have a potential to win a cat show, although not guaranteed. Show alter price is $800 (registration and show rights included, must be altered). If you don't want to show your kitten/cat, but still want to have a perfect Ragdoll, then show quality kitten is for you, and if you change your mind in the future and want to show your cat, you'll have show rights to do so.

We also sell breeder and show/breeder kittens/cats on occasion. Depending on the quality and color/pattern breeder prices start at $1000. Breeders are up to TICA standard conformationally, but might have slight mismarks in pattern. They carry a potential to produce show quality kittens with the right breeding partner. Show/breeders are the top quality cats that are perfect in all regards, and are priced the highest. Breeders come with full TICA registration and breeding or breeding/show rights included.

Please check with us about the current availability of our show and breeding kittens for sale or view our available breeder page.

We usually give a discount for repeat customers or if a person is buying two kittens to the same household.

All our kittens are sold with a spay/neuter agreement (except for breeders) and a 1 year genetic health guarantee. Registration paperwork will be mailed to you once we receive the proof from your vet that the kitten was altered before 6 month of age.

You're welcome to come visit the kittens we have now and take one home with you then if you find the one you like. If you're coming to take a kitten, please don't forget to bring a cat carrier with you. All payments need to be made in cash at the time of pickup, except for a mail in deposit check for a kitten that will be ready later on.

Please check the pictures of available kittens on the page below. Please feel free to contact us about the perfect kitten you're looking for, as we have kittens that are still too young to photograph nicely and are not yet pictured on this page.

We have two beautiful, twelve month old females available now. Both are spayed, up-to-date on their shots, sweet, lovable and well behaved. They'll make wonderful pets for some lucky families. Please inquire for pictures.


Flame point mitted male - Beautiful and fun kitten. Very exotic looking. He has a shade of apricot orange on his face, ears and tail, with very light/white body color. He has gorgeous soft fluffy coat and inquisitive bright blue eyes. Very curious little boy, loves to play and loves to cuddle. Purrfect companion! Additional pictures of him can be found here.

January Litter

Flame point male, seal/tortie female and male and female blues. Wonderful soft coats, with nice blue eyes. Sweet and loving kittens, very people oriented and interactive, with personalities of little puppies in kitten coats. Will make ideal family pets, beautiful and fun for both children and adults to enjoy. Additional pictures of them can be found here.

Blue Bicolor Female

She has been SOLD Blue bicolor female kitten. She's a wonderfully marked girl with beautiful dark blue eye color. She'll be a rather light colored cat when fully grown, with the softest silky coat, and stunning blue eyes. Very gentle and quiet kitten, she has a puppy like personality that will follow you everywhere in the house, and greet you at the door with purrs and cuddles. Additional pictures of her can be found here.