PerfectRags: Available Breeders

We currently have a few exceptional kittens that show a great show and breeding potential. You can find pictures and description of these beauties on the page below. Please check with us about their availability and pricing.

Blue Point Male

SOLD Blue point, mitted with a blaze male kitten. Additional pictures of him can be found here.

Blue Point

SOLD Blue point mitted with a blaze male kitten - he has the sweetest personality, gorgeous blue eyes and luxurious soft fluffy coat, with nice mittens to match. He has some color on his hocks, and although not for show, he is still a very high quality boy. He is nice and large kitten, with perfect head and body. His coat is very light colored and clear, and he has a slight simmetrical blaze on his face. He has a great breeding potential, and will also make a wonderful high quality pet for a person or a family, as he is very affectionate and likes to cuddle a lot. More pictures of him can be found here.

Seal Point

SOLD Gorgeous seal color point female young adult - proven breeder. Very well built, with great coat and dark blue eye color, beautiful profile. This girl is just perfect. She makes wonderful babies, and is a very good mom. She's in top health, guaranteed free from FELV/FIV. She comes from prominent show lines, with impressive pedigree. She'll be turning 2 years old this summer. She can be an asset to any breeding program. Available now. More pictures of her can be found here.